Solid Waste Management

The role of the Southwest Central Regional Solid Waste Management District is to help develop, implement and maintain a comprehensive Solid Waste Management System that is the most environmentally safe and economically sustainable for the District’s member entities.  Each of the member cities/counties take an “individualistic” approach to Solid Waste Management within their respective areas, yet are united as a “team” and function that way in other regards. The member entities are united in the fact that they cooperate as a group to determine the best possible solution for disposal of all Class 1 Solid Waste, because there is no Class 1 Landfill located within District boundaries.

The Solid Waste Management System in the District is actively functioning in the manner that the legislation that was originally drafted had intended.  The “regional” concept is a departure from the customary approach of cities and counties dealing with Solid Waste Management issues alone.  The District has shown the willingness to approach these issues in a fashion that can be beneficial to the individual members and reap benefits for the collective body as well.  By maintaining communication and regular meetings among the officials of the local member governments and the Solid Waste System managers in the member jurisdictions and by gathering public input from a Citizen’s Advisory Committee, actions and policies of the District will be a reflection of the collaboration on key Solid Waste Management issues.